It started in 1882

and 135 years later becomes the precious showpiece: CB1882.

Our entire experience, paired with creativity and love for the product, lets new design and colour creations be formed: luxury bed linen, which will accompany you throughout life.

Reserved, elegant, precise... Our design team developed an overall concept for the second collection of CB1882 on empirical foundations, which - by outlining, composing colour harmonies and selecting finest ingredients and manufacture - bit by bit yielded a masterpiece.

Designing is a process! 


 Curt Bauer remains loyal and has been producing highest-grade textiles on cutting-edge Jacquard weaving machines at their home base in the ore mountain town of Aue for 135 years. Only those who have exceptional knowledge of trade and a passion for the profession can make progress.

With the luxurious Jacquard quality CB1882 we have created a masterpiece. Starting with production, rather than thinking of speed and profit maximisation, we took the luxury to focus on how our textiles can make the lives of their owners more comfortable. The special feature lies 

in the high-quality haptic, which was achieved by sophisticatedly weaving a thread count of 600 – 600 threads per square inch – and selecting the finest and most exclusive materials.

Our definition of luxury! 


The selection of finest materials,

the skill of using modern craftsmanship technology and the longstanding experience of proficient tailors conjure elaborately detailed products from finest damask fabrics.


Every generation

brings new, cultural stimulations into the family enterprise Curt Bauer. Only in this way we can maintain our principles and quality aspirations. CB1882 was developed:
a line, which satisfies the highest,

demands of home textiles.

Finest materials, craftsmanship skill and know-how from 135 years are united in this wonderful line. Enjoy and experience CB1882 – global, cosmopolitan and familiar at the same time.

Your Bauer family