An interior must reflect its time and place.
Under the title „AUTHENTIC - the luxury of minimalism and peace“ Curt Bauer launches the collection N°3
of our CB1882-line. A withdrawn color spectrum of black and white is put in an exciting context with a shade of brown, underlining the aesthetics of the collection through its play of light and shadow with subtle shiny surfaces.

Graphical surfaces, hand written patterns and sophisticated plain satins in combination with selected accessories complement the overall look of the collection.

„AUTHENTIC“ is an URBAN LIFESTYLE collection with expressive individual pieces. 



The design LATTICE sees itself as a timeless and modern motif thanks to its graphical grid structure. The ingenuity lies in the different depth effects that make the pattern appear either positive or negative due to the colored weft insertion. In the confection, the positive design of the negatives is opposed and creates a reversible bedding that is separated from one another in the pillow by a shiny metallic piping.


available Colours:






The design MÉLANGE is a sophisticated, "false" uni, which captivates with a special feature that is only possible with the fabric construction of CB1882.

A special weft insertion creates a stylish mix, a so-called mélange, made up of several colors with a subtle, yet exciting appearance. The colors white-sand and white-noir can be combined with each other, as well as with the designs Love Song and Lattice and are complemented by a white uni.

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„Though still in bed, my thoughts go out to you, my Immortal Beloved, now and then joyfully…”Beethoven describes his feelings in a letter to his immortal lover.

The design LOVE SONG pays homage to the written word. The typographic motifs pour out in gently curved lines across the
fine thread quality cotton and are in some cases patterned
Water stains interrupted, which demonstrate Curt Bauer's weaving expertise. The effect of the text lines lying on top of each other is intensified by the black background on which it is placed and gives the design a certain degree of drama.

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Created with more than 135 years of expertise, we rely on the highest manufacturing standards and uncompromising quality. Excellent long staple cotton qualities, innovative weaving techniques and perfected finishing methods are combined

in the core feature TC 500 - 500 threads per square inch - and result in a high-quality damask with a new, soft feel.

Because we make sustainable products to last a lifetime.

fancy woven


long staple cotton





TC 500


is a fabric in which warp and weft parts alternate, which makes it possible to create figurative patterns of all kinds.
Since the weaving technique is so complex, damasks are made on special looms.

Yarns are woven in the dyed state.


Mercerization is a finishing process for cotton that is only used for high-quality textiles.
Mercerizing changes the structure of the cotton, creating a silky, wash-resistant shine.

Thread Count 500

TC means thread count.

The information on the thread density relates to the threads that run horizontally and vertically per square centimeter. So the higher the number, the more fine fibers have been processed and the softer and gentler the material feels.

long staple cotton

The most important quality characteristic of cotton relates first of all to the length of the fiber, called the staple. The longer and more even a stack is, the easier it is to spin. Cotton with a stack between 35 and 50 mm belongs to the most valuable group of long-staple fibers.


fancy woven

Since 1882. MADE IN GERMANY.

The textile company Curt Bauer stands for tradition and cosmopolitanism and draws from its more than 135-year history a wealth of experience that has now been passed on for four generations.

At our home location in Aue, we weave and finish special damask qualities with the aim of furnishing your home with a touch of everyday luxury. This is where we create our MASTERPIECE.